Complete Solutions for Utilizing Solar Power

Our installer network, high-quality products, and technical expertise, is a powerful combination that makes it easy to go solar.

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Solar Panel Installation Service Based in Brighton, MI

Is a Solar Power System Right For Me? See The Ways You Can Save.

The ability to generate solar power for your home or business can be a great investment not only for the planet, but your financial future:

The initial expense will immediately be offset by lower energy costs.

With a grid connection, your excess energy will be sold back to the utility – meaning they could have to start paying you!

Solar panels increase the value of your property.

Federal tax credits and incentives can offset a significant percentage of your investment.

Solar energy systems are long-lasting, durable, and come with comprehensive warranties.

The Green Panel’s: 8 Simple Steps to Solar

  1. Statement of Work
  2. Product Procurement
  3. Warehousing
  4. Transportation to Site
  5. On-site Installation
  6. Close Out Package
  7. Quality Control
  8. System Maintenance

Our EFI Approach to Solar Panel Installation

E - Engineer

The Green Panel can provide solar solutions with the world’s premier engineering, finest designs, and most innovative designs.

F- Furnish

Innovative and long-lasting high quality products for virtually all photovoltaic and thermal power applications to make The Green Panel a world leader in distribution of solar technology.

I - Install

Our installation service, combined with our high quality and technical expertise, makes it easy for you or your company to transition to solar power. Our goal is to simplify the process for you, our customer.

Our engineers are certified by global industry leaders to implement, oversee, and maintain your solar power application for the duration of its life. The same quality that is used in the manufacturing of solar panels is carried through before, during, and after your PV array is in service.

Once our engineers have determined the solar solution for your company, we will put together a statement of work outlining the installation process. Upon approval, we will handle the complete installation process and provide you with a close out package and maintenance plan.

Keeping pace with frontrunners and providing the most advanced technology is our mission. The Green Panel, certified with leading industry manufacturers, procures on a timely basis all associated products and materials needed to complete your job.

The Green Panel Difference

The Green Panel services Michigan from our southern most cities all the way to the very tip of the Upper Peninsula. From assisting business owners considering solar to help offset energy costs to helping home owners looking to decrease their carbon footprint, we have been championing the push towards renewable energy since 2007.  Call us today for a Free Solar Survey and experience for yourself The Green Panel Difference.

A customer’s first experience with renewable energy should bring complete satisfaction on all facets – from safety to installation – to years of relationship-building with your new application, whether commercial or residential. In an effort to provide the highest degree of service, we only use State Licensed Electricians to work with our Certified Project Managers. The end result is an installation that meets and exceeds all of your expectations.

You’re Just 4-Steps Away From Going Green!


Step 1: Request Your FREE SOLAR ANALYSIS


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Step 2: Design

We design solar systems using HIGH PERFORMANCE SOLAR PANELS, from leading solar industry manufacturers.

Step 3: Finance

Our NO MONEY DOWN SOLUTIONS include grants, rebates, incentives, and financing for most solar energy projects.

Step 4: Installation

Fully licensed and insured technicians help you start generating RENEWABLE ENERGY ON DAY 1.

Installing solar panels and generating renewable energy on-site is a great way to reduce carbon emissions and potentially earn valuable LEED certification points.


and Get on the Path to Energy Independence