Solar Power Green EnergyRenewable energy sources are gaining a lot of attention right now. Solar power is one example of sustainable energy, and it provides a lot of potential benefits for homeowners throughout Michigan and beyond.

If you’re interested in sustainable energy, here’s what you should know about solar panels and other renewable sources of power, including the benefits and the differences between the main options currently available.

Is Solar Better Than Other Renewable Energy?

Renewable energy as a whole is a more environmentally friendly and cost effective energy solution long-term than non-renewable power sources like fossil fuels. There are a few different types of renewable energy sources that are currently making waves in the industry. These include solar panels that convert the sun’s rays into energy, wind turbines that get their power from powerful gusts, and geothermal energy that brings up heat from the ground.

All of these energy sources offer clear environmental benefits, and all can offer cost savings long-term. However, solar panels do offer some unique practical upsides for homeowners. Ease of installation is one of the main factors that has contributed to the rising popularity of solar panels, especially among residential consumers. These panels can easily be installed on roofs and other structures, and then they constantly bring in energy generated from collecting those rays.

While wind energy can be extremely efficient and does not rely on the sun’s rays, the turbines need to be incredibly tall in order to operate as effectively as possible. Not only would installing such a large structure like this be cost prohibitive for many homeowners, but it could also impact views and be prohibited by local building codes.

When it comes to geothermal energy, installation requires a complex series of pipes and components that must be added underground. This can certainly be an effective source of power, but it’s not possible for every single property, and it can be costly and time consuming to get set up.

Advantages of Green Energy

In general, green energy sources like solar and wind power are preferable over non-renewable sources like fossil fuels because they are better for the environment. They only use resources that are completely inexhaustible. No matter how much sunlight you collect, there will always be more available. Non-renewable sources require the use of finite resources that will eventually run out. Solar power also creates very little waste and produces hardly any harmful emissions or side effects. So it doesn’t add any negative output to the environment.

Additionally, since traditional energy sources are finite, that means that their prices can be sort of fickle. The more that those resources are used, the less is left and available for future use. When that type of scarcity is created, the price tends to go up. So over time, electricity prices tend to only get higher and higher. They can also be difficult to predict in changing markets, which can make it tough for homeowners to budget their monthly expenses.

Energy Savings From Home Solar Panels

Of course, one of the most tangible benefits of renewable energy for homeowners is the ability to save big on monthly energy costs. Michigan has one of the higher electricity cost rates in the country. So it’s often worthwhile for homeowners to look into alternatives. Solar panels can often cut monthly electric bills significantly, or even eliminate them entirely in some cases. The exact output depends on your home’s energy use and the type of panels that you select, but many homeowners save thousands per year on their utility bills.

Michigan also has a policy called net metering, which basically allows homeowners with solar panels to accumulate extra credits for energy collected but not used. So if, for example, you have a very sunny June and do not use a ton of energy in your home, you could earn extra money for that power that was added to the grid. Then you can use that to make up the difference during overcast months, or simply enjoy the extra savings for your household.

Solar Power For Homes Is The Future

Because of all these benefits, solar power seems to be the wave of the future. More and more homeowners are making the switch. In fact, more than 2 million homes throughout the country currently use solar panels.

With all of the buzz surrounding solar power, it’s becoming more and more cost effective for residential customers. It’s also becoming increasingly sought after for home buyers. So even if you don’t plan on staying in your current home for 25 years or more, which is how long most solar panels tend to last, you can potentially realize cost savings through solar panel installation by increasing the value of your home.

The cost savings, practicality, and environmental benefits all contribute to the growing popularity of solar power as a renewable energy source. It seems as though the trend is only going to continue, and homeowners that take advantage of it early may have the highest potential for realizing the benefits. If you’re eventually going to have solar panels added to your home in the future, doing so right away allows you to realize savings for as long as possible, while also taking advantage of tax credits and incentives designed to help you offset the initial installation cost.

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