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Michigan Solar Panel Installation Service

Your Path to Energy Independence - A Full-Service Approach to Going Solar

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The Green Panel is a Michigan solar panel company that quotes, engineers and installs solar photovoltaic (PV) and solar thermal systems.

We are committed to helping your family or business go green. Our work is driven by a passionate dedication to the highest degree of innovation with solar technology, products, and services.

We work with clients to develop a sustainable plan to solve their long-term energy needs. The Green Panel’s one vendor approach to solar planning, fulfillment and installation is called Engineer, Furnish, and Install (EF&I). We purchase directly from leading solar industry manufacturers to offer top quality, high performance solar panels at a competitive price. Installing solar panels and generating renewable energy on-site is a great way to reduce carbon emissions and potentially earn valuable LEED certification points.

Our full-service approach is designed to make your transition to renewable energy easy, affordable and hassle-free. We achieve this by utilizing a three-tiered approach:

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1. Engineer

We design your solar project from the ground up and help you find funding.

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2. Furnish

We acquire high quality equipment from the leading manufacturers.

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3. Installations

Our fully licensed and insured staff will safely and professionally install your equipment.